Notification: CraigsList has shut down access from this website.

Sadly, this means I can no longer provide listnr service anymore. Sorry everybody =/

I am working on different projects these days! Hopefully you will find them even more exciting and useful!

Love, Khoi

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my inspiration

I found that I wanted to do certain things using the great resource available at craigslist. When I would search for things, sometimes I wanted to search a couple cities for the same item because they are within my vicinity.

I soon realized that searching for things in multiple locations became quite repetitive and time-consuming. Further, I recognized that I needed to continually search throughout the day and continue for several days or even weeks before I was able to find that perfect place to rent or that furniture set that matches the color scheme for my new apartment. This compounded the already repetitive task of searching for items in multiple locations. It was particularly difficult to keep track of which items I had previously viewed, and I found myself viewing the same (unwanted) search results multiple times.

Being the resourceful type, I decided to do something about it.

what is adListener?

adListener is the embodiment of my idea to help people search craigslist more efficiently. I considered many things as I conceptualized the process. One of my main ideas was to utilize craigslist in a new way, while contributing positively to its great community.

adListener listens to what you want. It also listens to craigslist to find that perfect item you are looking for. When those two cosmic events overlap, adListener tells you. From there, you can peruse through your results, hack away the unessentials, and find the item you are looking for.

my philosophy

The purpose of craigslist is to help connect people via interests, products, or otherwise. adListener is meant to be a catalyst of sorts; a quickening of responsiveness.

For instance, the goal of a person posting an item on craigslist is to get their item noticed and sold. On the other hand, the goal of the buyer is to find the right item for their needs.

In the end, the less time that transpires between these two events, the better. It is better for the buyer, seller, and the craigslist community as a whole.

And thus I embarked on a mission to produce a catalyst.

- Khoi

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