Notification: CraigsList has shut down access from this website.

Sadly, this means I can no longer provide listnr service anymore. Sorry everybody =/

I am working on different projects these days! Hopefully you will find them even more exciting and useful!

Love, Khoi

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get craiglist alerts automatically!

If you are in a hurry, just click on browse to start searching. The interface should be very familiar to you.

Key features:

  • search multiple locations at once
  • image previews
  • save items you like
  • remove unwanted items
  • remember your searches
  • receive alerts with new matching items as they arrive
  • live a long meaningful life

Some of these features require an account. Sign up for free.

searching multiple locations

  • choose your first location from the browse menu, then pick a category
  • on the search results page, you will see a link to search additional locations
  • each time you add a new location, the results page is refreshed to include your new items
  • the results page will list newest items on top
  • if one location has newer items than another, you may not see items from all locations

creating listeners

  • you need to be logged in to create a listener
  • listeners allow you to save and remove items from your search results
  • when viewing a results page, you can create a listener
  • it is a good idea to narrow down your search
  • your listener is automatically updated while you are browsing the results
  • click on listeners to view your saved listeners
  • in order to create a new listener, you must start back at the browse page

activating auto search

  • once you have created a listener, go to listeners to activate it
  • you can choose a start date in the future if you wish for your auto search to start later
  • you can choose the how often you want to auto search
  • you will only receive alerts for new matching items
  • listeners 'listen' to craigslist for new items then notifies you